Come on out to McWhorter Plaza Friday (23rd) at 7pm for BATTLE OF THE BELMONT BANDS!!!

:: Come see a great show and check out the FOOD TRUCKS that will be on campus too! ::
(more info on the food trucks to come)


Bands performing will be chosen after applications close on August 7th.



Required Reading for All Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Battle of the Belmont Bands!  This event is a unique experience where a select group of students get to perform for their peers and industry judges as a part of our Welcome Week programming!

As a participant, your performance (if you are accepted) will be judged by guest industry judges for your encouragement and growth as a performer.  There are a few steps you should review before filling out the application below.

1) You MUST meet our eligibility requirements before applying.  To see or download these requirements, click here.

2) Approximately 6 bands will perform 3 or 4 songs each.  (Number of songs TBD.)

3) There are no live auditions for this event...  Judges will choose which bands will perform live at the show based on the recordings/songs you submit below.

4) Those who are chosen to perform at this event will be notified by August 14th.

5) Please hold the entire day of Friday (8/23/13) in case you are chosen to perform!

6) Lastly, competing or winning this contest will not prohibit you or your band from participating in other showcases during this schoolyear.

Thank you!!